Winter Driving Safety

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The first snowfall is always intimidating, especially driving through it. You can go months without snow, and while you never forget how cold and brutal winter is, you can forget how to navigate through slushy, slippery, and icy roads. That’s where insurance comes in.

Your first priority when driving should always be the safety of you, your passengers, and your car. In most cases, collision coverage will repair any damages done to your car by fault of a weather-related accident. Liability coverage would pay for the damage that was done to other cars involved in the accident.

A collision may not be the only reason to have good car insurance. In case of a major snowstorm and a tree branch falls on your car and breaks a windshield, there’s coverage for that too; comprehensive insurance. It covers things that aren’t collision-related like a fire, glass damage, damage from hitting an animal like a deer or bird, severe weather damage, and other damage like that. These optional coverages are important to take into consideration especially living in a state where snow and cold weather happens without a doubt.

As always, make sure you’re taking preemptive steps to help avoid the unfortunate event of a car accident.

Preparation of Car

Make sure your gas tank is full. Not only can the gas-line freeze, but in case of traffic due to bad weather, you’re prepared.

Keep Windows Clear

Who wants to stand out in the cold and wipe off all snow from your car? We know it’s a pain, but it’s important for your safety. Keep a snowbrush and ice scraper in your vehicle at all times and keep those defrosters on. Remember to take the time to clean off all snow and ice for 100% visibility while driving.

Battery Check

Cold weather can affect your batteries performance negatively, make sure it’s charged and working properly.

Check the Weather App

Monitoring the weather carefully is a good way to ensure your safety during your trip. Whether it’s a five minute drive or a twenty five minute drive, avoid driving through ice storms, snowstorms, freezing weather conditions, and everything else.

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