Why choose an Independent Agent?

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AAIFS has you covered as an independent insurance agent.



There are typically three ways you can purchase insurance coverage:


1)      On the internet

2)      A captive insurance agent

3)      An independent insurance agent


On the internet, you are generally being offered coverage from only one insurance company.  That company is not located in your neighborhood.  It is not part of your community.  It does not know you, or your needs.  It may not be asking you the right questions or offering you the right product.  It is not able to provide personal support and service.

And oftentimes, in an effort to offer you a better price than their competition, a company that is selling you coverage in the internet may not include important or recommended coverages in their quote.

The punchline is that most of the time, we can add those coverages to your policy and still get you a better price.  Just because you bought that coverage on the internet does not mean it’s the cheapest available.


A captive agent, by definition, works for one insurance company, and they will typically offer you coverage only from that company.  They can only represent to you that one company’s products.  This forces them to make your needs fit within their company’s policies and products instead of the other way around.

In addition, a captive agent will not—and likely will not be able to—advise you of better options that may be available through other companies.


Enter the independent agent.


When you hear independent, you should think flexible.  Independent agents represent multiple companies.  At least several companies—usually more, and sometimes many more.

Independent agents are members of the local community.  You are not just a policy number, you’re a neighbor.  We provide personal support and service.  We get to know you and your situation, so we can better answer your questions, and then suggest a company or companies and coverages that meet your needs.  We want to build relationships with you, hopefully for the long term.  We want to earn your trust and have you feel comfortable recommending us to your family and friends.

We offer you choices.  We don’t try to make you fit.  Different people and different situations require different kinds of insurance.  All of our companies are quality ones.  They all offer different policies, differing pricing structures, and optional endorsements.

Because we shop your coverage to multiple carriers, we can typically offer you lower prices than you can find elsewhere—and for a far superior insurance product.


We are independent agents.  At American Advantage – IFS, we work with more than forty insurance companies, including MetLife, West Bend, Travelers, Acuity, Progressive, and more, to match you to the best combination of price and product.  We can meet all of your insurance needs, whether those needs are for your business or they are personal, such as for your home, your car, or your life or health.


Are you with a captive?  Call us today and let us free you!

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