Watch out for Motorcycles

We’re switching out rain boots for flip flops because summer is right around the corner! The arrival of the new season also means that motorcyclists are going to be out and about again. Here are some tips for when you’re out on the road in a car or a bike.

Tips for Drivers

Look Twice

Even though motorcycles shouldn’t be driving above the speed limit, they accelerate quickly and occupy less space on the road, so they can be difficult to see sometimes. Always keep your eyes peeled around you and don’t forget to double check your blind spot before switching lanes.

Keep Depth Perception Sharp

Our eyes allow us to have depth perception and our headlights work in a similar sentiment. It’s important to not drive faster than your headlights allow you to see. Did you know that when driving at night, your headlights only allow you to see 160 feet ahead of you? Our field of vision is far more limited at night versus during the day, which is why it’s important to take advantage of your high beams when you can. However, high beams must be turned off if you’re within 500 feet of another vehicle.
Since motorcycles are much smaller than other motor vehicles, it’s more difficult to determine how fast they are going, especially at night. Make sure to give motorcyclists extra time to pass by or take extra time to assess how fast they’re going.

Motorcyclists Rely on You

It’s a fact that motorcycles are harder to see than a regular car or van, which is why most accidents that take place between motorcycles and cars are the car driver’s fault. It’s important to stay alert. A good rule of thumb is to use the four-second rule. Choose a stationary object like a building or if you’re on the interstate, a sign or billboard, and count four seconds until you pass it. That is the distance you should keep between your car and a motorcycle. This will allow for more space and time to properly react or brake when needed.

Tips for Motorcyclists

Don’t Tailgate

It may be the season for tailgating, but only with brats and beers at the baseball game. Just because your motor vehicle is smaller than cars and trucks, it doesn’t mean it’s okay to ride closer to said vehicles. Give yourself space between vehicles by abiding by the four-second rule.

Obey Traffic Rules

It can be tempting to go fast, especially on that first drive back on the bike, but it’s important to obey all traffic laws and rules. Don’t go over the speed limit, use your turn signals, and make sure to take turns slow.

Be Observant

You are able to see cars much better than they are able to see you. Allow space in between cars and watch for what’s happening in front of and behind you. It only takes an extra couple of seconds to be safe and observant on your ride.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re a new rider or are looking to upgrade your motorcycle insurance, American Advantage can help! We have the experience and a wide variety of carriers to offer coverage that best suits you. Call one of our agents today at (262) 696-5800 and please stay safe.



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