Trick or Treating Safety Tips

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While kids love Halloween night with the free candy, dressing up in costumes, and enjoying a night with their friends, it is imperative that safety does not take a backseat during this time. Precaution and safety measures are often forgotten during the midst of selecting a costume, trick-or-treating, and enjoying bucket loads of candy.

Fortunately, parents can put some Halloween safety tips into practice for this night!

Head for Face Paints: Masks can obstruct your child’s view and breathing, so choose non-toxic face paints instead. 
Always test the makeup on a small patch of skin before applying it to the entire face.

It’s a Fit: Choose a bright colored costume to make your child more visible in the dark, that there is no dragging material that could cause trips, and that all props are flexible and soft.

Light The Way: Add reflective tape to their bag or costume, and give your child a flashlight to use once it reaches dusk.

Adult Supervision: Any child under 12 should be accompanied by an adult whilst trick-or-treating. If your child is over 12 years of age, establish a pre-planned walking route and a curfew.

Walk Safety: Remind your child of road safety like looking left, right, left again before crossing the street; walking on sidewalks at all times; crossing busy roads at designated crosswalks only.

Candy Inspection: Inspect all candy before eating it to ensure it looks safe to consume.

The professionals at American Advantage – IFS Inc. wish you and your family a safe and Happy Halloween night! For all of your Pewaukee, Wisconsin insurance needs, visit us today!

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