Summer Safety

Summer… the time for barbecues with friends, afternoons poolside, and bonfires. There’s no better feeling than roasting marshmallows with the family after a fun day, so it’s important to keep the fun going by keeping these fire safety tips in mind this bonfire and grilling season!

Grilling Dos and Don’ts:

Grilling is a great time to show off your dad’s brilliant rib recipe or your homemade burgers! While it’s seemingly contained and safe; there’s nothing wrong with taking extra steps to keep you and your family safe.

  • DON’T use the grill indoors or in an enclosed space
  • DO place the grill away from any deck railings, structures, or overhangs
  • DON’T add starter fluid once the grill has already been lit
  • DO regularly clean your grill to avoid grease build up
  • DON’T leave the grill unattended
  • DO keep party games with pets and children away from the grill

Campfire Safety:

A warm bonfire on a chilly summer night with friends and family is a great way to have fun, and while creating big flames can be an impressive way to show off, an open flame can be extremely dangerous. So before trying to make that 6-foot tall fire, check out these tips first.

  • Keep gasoline or other flammable liquids away from the fire
  • Don’t leave a bonfire unattended
  • Make sure the children are enjoying their smores at a safe distance away from the fire
  • When putting out a fire, make sure there are no burning embers left over by drenching the ashes in water
  • If someone dares you to jump over or run near the fire during a game of truth or dare, opt for truth that round!

Firework Precautions:

Fireworks are the perfect way to end a great day! It’s always safer to go to your town’s firework show put on by professionals than setting off your own. If you do decide to have your own, make sure you’re taking all precautions before the celebration.

  • Follow the local law on fireworks
  • Make sure children, pets, and anyone not aiding in the lighting of fireworks are away from the set up area
  • Keep water ready in case something goes wrong
  • Light fireworks away from your house, trees, or anything else that may be flammable

There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of these warm months to have weekly cookouts, bonfires with the family, and Fourth of July fireworks. With that being said, there’s also nothing wrong with taking a couple of extra steps to ensure the safety of you, your friends, and your family this summer.

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