It’s Spring (Kind of)… Time to Adjust Your Driving Habits

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Spring into safe driving with these tips!

Now that we have welcomed the season of spring in (even though the weather doesn’t always act like it!), that means it’s time to tweak our driving habits and vehicles!

Here are 10 tips that will help you to enjoy spring driving in safety!

  1. Don’t be too eager to take off your winter tires. They should be left on until the ambient temperatures stay above 44 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Rain can come down and freeze overnight. If you notice wet-looking roads and temperatures have dropped subzero, expect ice and slow down.
  3. With warm weather comes more motorcyclists and cyclists! Watch out for these two-wheeled travelers.
  4. If you’re the cyclist or motorcyclist, wear a brightly colored safety vest, use lights, keep safe, and ride in single file.
  5. Children will begin to play outside more during the lighter evenings. Be sure to slow down in residential areas or around schools!
  6. The freeze and thaw cycles at this time of year mean that potholes are likely to form. Stay well behind the vehicle in front of you so that you can see those wheel-bending potholes.
  7. April showers can bring flooding. Never speed through puddles as you may hydroplane and spin out of control.
  8. Spring wrecks havoc on gravel shoulders. Take extra care if you’re pulling off the road.
  9. The dim mornings and evenings may require you to turn your lights on!
  10. Many animals hibernate through the winter and will now be on the move. Slowing down on rural roads can prevent animal deaths and damage to your vehicle.


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