Slip-Proof Your Office Space This Winter

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Slip-Proof Your Office Space This Winter

Prevent slip and fall liability claims when it’s raining and pouring.

In Wisconsin, we’re no stranger to ice, snow, and torrential rain. It’s all a part of what makes our winters winter, right? Even if you’re not a snow bunny or don’t like the rain (who does?), it’s important to know how to prevent accidents when the weather does take a turn for the worse. Did you know that 25,000 slip, trip, and fall accidents occur daily in the U.S.? If even one of these was to occur on your business’s property, you could face severe expenses and financial strain from lawsuits and liability.

To protect your employees, guests, and business implement these slip, trip, and fall-proof tips.

Create a Safe Passage

Include routine inspection and maintenance as part of your safety program to prevent falls for both your visitors and employees.

  • Design your entrances and walkways to accommodate the expected volume of foot traffic through your business.
  • Conduct periodic walkthrough surveys of your premises to help ensure your property is kept in safe and proper condition.
  • Light all walkways well.
  • Maintain all flooring surfaces at all times.
  • Use slip-resistant floor treatments and mats, especially in areas that frequently get wet, such as entrances, exits, and kitchens.
  • Place wet floor signs on freshly mopped floors or where spills occur.
  • Schedule maintenance of floor surfaces during times of little traffic.
  • Place an umbrella stand by the front entrance so wet umbrellas aren’t taken inside.
  • Ensure that entry areas are properly maintained and any mats are secured.
  • Promptly investigate incidents, record findings thoroughly, and correct issues that need to be addressed.

Review Insurance

To keep your home safe during the colder season, ensure that it has the best protection. Visit the professionals at American Advantage – IFS Inc. to take care of your home this winter season! Contact us in Pewaukee for all of your Wisconsin business insurance needs today.

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