Service Line Coverage

As a homeowner, there’s a lot of housekeeping things to keep track of and take care of, including the pipes and wiring that lies underneath your house – yes, we mean sewer lines and electrical power. It might not be something that’s been on your radar, but here’s why it should be!

Here at American Advantage Insurance, we now offer service line coverage which covers:

  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Electrical power and wiring
  • Power lines
  • Gas
  • Data-transmission wiring

Why does this matter to you? Doesn’t the city take care of it? Not necessarily. If any of these things rust, breakdown, freeze, or collapse, and it’s under your property line, it becomes your legal responsibility. Problems like this can cost thousands of dollars to pay the city to fix it if you’re not properly covered. Service line insurance can cover more than just the costs to fix it. It can also cover things like loss of use of your home while it’s being repaired, excavation, outdoor property repairs, and expediting expenses.

Here are some things to keep in mind when inspecting potential damage that has been done:

Root and Tree Invasion

Small roots of trees can find their way into small crevices in pipes, which can cause cracking and breakage over time as they grow.

Rust and Corrosion

Iron-based pipes can oxidize and corrode over time. Because of this, holes can form, causing fluid to leak.


Yes, they can chew their way through PVC (plastic) pipes and build nests near sewer lines.

Line Collapse

While this is an above-ground problem, there’s the potential to affect and damage sewer lines. If a heavy tree falls onto your yard, it can disturb and break sewage lines. And if the tree itself doesn’t cause damage, having heavy trucks and equipment parked on your yard to fix this problem can destroy these lines.


You can’t control things like the weather, rodents, and corrosion and stop them from impacting service lines, but you do have control to make a plan for when these things do happen. Adding service line coverage to your homeowners’ policy can insure a plan-of-action and protection to you and your home.

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