September is Life Insurance Awareness Month!

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As a parent, you want to do best by your children. You probably do everything from saving for college to making their packed lunches every day. However, your family’s protection doesn’t stop there. A commonly overlooked form of security for your family is life insurance. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, it is important because it educates young and established families, empty-nesters, and retirees about the importance of having life insurance coverage. While many people don’t realize it, life insurance is important for almost everyone.

Life Insurance 101

Life insurance is a selfless policy that you’ll never use; your family will. It’s coverage that aids your family financially after you die. There are many types of life insurance, and all of them have the same bottom line: They pay cash to your family after you die, allowing your loved ones to remain financially secure. In the event of a tragedy, life insurance can pay for funeral costs, help pay off remaining debt, continue a family business, protect a spouse’s retirement plans, and much more.

The chances are, you need life insurance.

While it’s not a much-loved talked about topic, life insurance is important to think about. It’s not a subject no one really wants to think about. However, if someone depends on you financially, it’s not one that you can avoid. Many families reject life insurance for fear of an expensive policy, even though the premiums are some of the most affordable payments around. In terms of value, life insurance coverage outweighs the monthly cost. Life insurance is there when your family needs it the most.

During Life Insurance Awareness Month, we hope that you choose to better your family’s future. Contact the professionals at American Advantage – IFS Inc. in Pewaukee, Wisconsin for the protection that your family needs and deserves.

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