Back to School is here..Do you have the right coverage?

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How-Much-Apartment-Can-You-AffordBack to school is just around the corner for college students and for many, this means off campus housing.  When it comes to making sure your belongings are insured, you need to be sure how your policy is worded to insure proper coverage.  Every insurance carrier is different when it comes to extending coverage for students items at school.  Some have a variety of conditions that apply so being aware of those is crucial.  Many do not extend coverage at all if it is an apartment versus being in a dorm.  So as you can guess, there are lots of scenarios that can affect how coverage is extended to the student.  The landlord’s insurance will not protect your belongings if a disaster happens or the residence that is rented is broken into. In order to have your belongings protected, you have to have a renter’s insurance policy in place so you can protect everything you own.

The bottom line is you need to check with your agent. They can help you decide if you need a separate renter’s policy or not and how much coverage may be best for you.  Many people don’t realize that a low amount of coverage may not be enough to replace their things, or covers them on an e-bike, for example, if they’re involved in an accident and hurt someone.   Knowing what all you have, what it would cost to replace it all if it goes up in smoke, but also what liability exposures you may have, e-bikes, social media activities, etc, is critical to deciding what kinds of insurance protection you want to buy.

Contact American Advantage – IFS to get a quote on renters insurance could be your best next move. They have people who understand what your needs are and are willing to give you the advice you need in order to have the financial protection you deserve. If you rent, you still need insurance and American Advantage – IFS knows how to help!

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