Life & Health Insurance

Keep yourself and your family covered. Whether it be life, health or disability insurance, don’t wait until it’s too late. Invest in your future and plan now. American Advantage is known for Pewaukee life insurance. Contact us today.

Whether you and your family hope to protect needed household income, provide a college education, pay a mortgage balance, plan for retirement or estate taxes for your heirs, we can provide sound advice to determine how much and what type of life insurance products suit you best. All life insurance types are good for specific reasons or situations. Determining which type or types are best for you is when most people look for some direction. Life insurance has many uses, including applications for continuation or succession business planning. Talk to one of our life insurance specialists before your family or business is left struggling without you. American Advantage is known for Pewaukee life insurance.

Many changes have occurred in the health insurance industry. We are able to help individuals understand all of the choices available to them to help decide what may be best for you and your family. Group Health plans may be an attractive tool for employers to retain and hire new employees. Talk to our health insurance specialists to help you through these decisions.

Most people would like to choose the quality of facility we would prefer to be in when 24 hour nursing care is needed. Long Term Care Insurance not only provides the funds for that care, it also protects your assets for your surviving spouse or heirs as well. There are many options that can make Long Term Care insurance affordable and relieve your family of some very painful decisions.

You are more likely to suffer disease or an injury in your lifetime, making you unable to work, than die in an accident. How long can you make it without a paycheck? Could you continue to pay these expenses if you didn’t have an income?

  • Rent or Mortgage Groceries Utilities
  • Loans Credit Card Balances Insurance
  • Prescriptions Gasoline
  • Workman’s Comp only covers on the job disability claims and is short term and limited on payout.
  • Employer’s disability coverage is usually short term and limited as well, also may not be transportable.

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