All Policies Are Not Created Equal

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It happens all of the time. You’re frustrated with the cost of your home or auto insurance policy and start looking around. Eventually you get a quote either from an agent or on the internet that looks like it will save you money.

What exactly did you just buy? How does the policy you found compare to the one you’re replacing? This is when the expertise of a professional insurance agent can help you.

Our agency represents fourteen insurance carriers for home and auto insurance. All of which offer a couple of different homeowners insurance products. Within each product, many coverage options are available. Obviously, these options involve different costs. We are also aware of the policy provisions and limitations of our competition.

A professional insurance agent will develop an insurance program that is designed to include coverage focused on your individual needs. They will explain what options are available to you, and how your current policy stacks up against what they are recommending to you. This allows you to decide which of those options are important and if you want to pay for it.

Compare purchasing insurance to purchasing a vehicle. If you need a pickup truck for its utility capabilities, but you’re sold a less expensive compact car because it has better fuel economy, did you make a smart buy? Fitting your needs is definitely more critical than spending less and not getting what works well for you.

On a daily basis, we can always quote a policy for someone that costs less than what they currently have, including those of our own customers. When we sit down and explain the differences in the policies, our customers realize the value of working with a professional insurance agent. They appreciate the expertise we convey in our field, and don’t feel like they’re in it alone. They have a trusted professional to rely upon.

By the same token, we appreciate the customers that value our expertise, and feel confident they won’t leave us the first time a cheaper quote is flashed in front of them. They’ll ask us for our opinion and they get honest, professional and knowledgeable advice from their trusted insurance adviser.

Not all policies are created equal, and neither are insurance agents.

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