Navigating the Winter Terrain: A Guide to Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

As winter blankets Wisconsin in a shimmering layer of snow, the call of the Northwoods beckons snowmobile enthusiasts to rev up their sleds for thrilling adventures. While the excitement of winter rides is palpable, it’s crucial to consider the often overlooked aspect of off-road vehicle insurance.

At American Advantage IFS, we’re here to bring you a timely guide to avoid common off-road vehicle insurance mistakes and ensure a worry-free winter wonderland experience.

3 Common Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Tips to Consider This Winter

Consider these insurance tips before taking your off-road vehicle out this winter:

Snowmobiler thinking about off-road vehicle insurance

Have you thought about off-road vehicle insurance this winter?

1. Dispel the Myth of Pricey Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

One common misconception that deters snowmobile owners from obtaining this type of insurance is that maybe people believe it’s very expensive. In reality, the cost of insurance is often comparable to or even less than annual fuel expenses. A liability-only policy can start as low as $100 per year, while the average premium hovers around $350 annually. For the best coverage, at American Advantage IFS, we recommend exploring higher limits and adding an umbrella policy.

2. Safeguard Your Winter Fun with Snowmobile Insurance

If you haven’t fallen for the myth of pricey insurance, many snowmobile owners assume their off-road vehicles are already covered under their homeowners’ policy or even deem them not valuable enough for separate insurance. However, overlooking the need for off-road vehicle insurance can lead to significant pitfalls. Beyond typical fender benders, serious accidents can occur on the trails, necessitating liability protection and coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. Ambulances aren’t off-road vehicles, and getting medical assistance may involve helicopters and potential delays, making the need for insurance that much more critical.

3. Consider Your Vehicle Customizations Uncovered

Snowmobilers often invest in customizations to enhance their winter rides, from specialized track to heated hand warmers. However, assuming that these customizations are automatically covered can be a costly oversight. Customizations extending beyond original manufacturer equipment (OEM) require additional coverage. Insured individuals with extensive customizations can opt for higher limits for an added premium, ensuring coverage not only for modifications but also safety gear like helmets, boots, and riding jackets.

As cold-weather enthusiasts prepare to conquer the snowy trails up north this winter, we want to emphasize the importance of comprehensive snowmobile insurance. By following these tips, riders can ensure a safe and exhilarating winter riding experience.

Before revving up your snowmobile, safeguard your winter adventures with the right insurance coverage, and remember that American Advantage IFS is always here to provide you with high quality service, come rain, snow, or any other weather we might experience this winter.

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