Stay Safe from Fall Driving Dangers

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Fall Driving DangersAvoid driving dangers in the fall.

Whatever fun fall activity you’re doing this year, you’re likely to face the good (and the bad) of autumn. From fallen leaves to inclement weather, drivers should prepare for fall driving dangers.

The fall leaves create a lovely landscape, but a hazardous driving one! Here are just a few of the hazards that you may experience in the fall:

Road surfaces – The autumn leaves and drizzling rain create a slippery surface on the road. Take care when you’re driving in areas with lots of bare trees and always slow down if you come to debris in the middle of the road.

Bad weather – When it rains, the oil on the roads create a slick surface. Be sure to leave enough space between you and the driver in front as your stopping distance may increase.

Reduced visibility – Fall is the time when we change our clocks, which means that you may lose visibility on the roads more often. Turn on your headlights during dusk and dawn.

Cooler temperatures – From ice to snow, the cooler months give way to all sorts of driving hazards! Check out your tires to ensure that they’re suitable for the months ahead, as well as having snow chains in the car – just in case!

Animals on the road – Fall is deer mating season, so the likelihood of you meeting a deer increases now. Slow down during dusk and dawn, when the deer are most active, and always drive slowly on country roads.

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