Everyone Needs to Help Keep Motorcycle Riders Safe

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Now that the weather is warm, more and more motorcyclists take to the road riding for both leisure and as an economical form of transportation. But while riding a motorcycle can save money and be fun for many, it isn’t as safe an option as driving a more traditional vehicle. Still, it is important that everyone on the road is aware that cycles are going to be around and that they do their part in keeping everyone safe. That’s why the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is recognizing May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

The responsibility of motorcycle safety belongs to everyone on the road, and the first mantra of motorcycle safety is to “share the road.” This is not only a reminder for motorists to keep their eyes open and see motorcycles and to give them their proper turn on the road, but it also reminds cyclists to do their part to be as visible as possible and drive defensively in order to keep themselves safe.

Another component of motorcycle safety is staying sober. An intoxicated motorcycle driver has a far greater chance of being killed or injured in a crash than a rider who is sober and alert. Wearing a helmet for every ride is also important, and is something that many riders have implemented into their riding practices. In 2005, only 48% of riders wore a helmet, by 2009 helmets were worn by more than two thirds of riders. In 2008, nearly 2,000 motorcycle riders’ lives were spared because they chose to wear a helmet.

Even when everyone does their best to keep each other safe on the road, there are no guarantees, which is why having the right insurance coverage is so important. At American Advantage – IFS Inc.  in Pewaukee, Wisconsin we work with a wide variety of insurance providers that cover many types of insurance including auto, motorcycle, homeowners, renters, business insurance and more. We can even find coverage for your favorite toy, like an ATV, RV or boat. To learn more about all your coverage options, contact American Advantage – IFS Inc. today.


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