Beat the Heat: Top 4 Reasons to Avoid a Summer DUI

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Avoid a DUI that will burn a hole in your pocket during the hot summer months.

Sunshine means parties, barbecues, beach days, and fun! However, with the higher temperatures of summer comes the higher risk of getting pulled over and being cited for driving under the influence. The summer months see holidays and weekends that rake in countless DUI cases. While cracking open a few beers in the season isn’t such a bad idea, getting behind the wheel after consumption definitely is! While this isn’t new-found news, there are still regular occurrences of drunk drivers on the road. If you’re not convinced to call Uber after a round of drinks, here are four reasons why you should!

  1. Wave goodbye to your weekend
    If you were just enjoying a Friday night out and decided to get in your car, you could end up spending the weekend in a jail cell, nursing a hangover. Now, add on the cost to get your car impounded. Keep yourself and your car free by designating a sober driver!
  2. Paying for your mistake
    DUIs are not cheap. Between the fines, the lawyer fees and everything in between, you could see an overall payment of $12,000. This cost is based on a first-time offense with no damages and no injuries. Any one of these will add substantial costs.
  3. Missing work for court dates
    As if the fines weren’t enough, not having the consistent flow of cash to cover these high court fees is less than ideal. Additionally, most companies aren’t too considerate towards accommodating their employee that drove drunk. As a result, one poor decision could end your career.
  4. Increased rates of insurance
    Once you’ve landed yourself a DUI, any auto insurer will view you as a risky driver, thus hiking up your premium rates. In some cases, the provider may even drop you from the plan, leaving you without the necessary coverage to be on the road.

Keep your summer clean by calling a cab, sleeping it off, or hiring a designated driver for the night.

Staying safe on the roads is imperative to avoiding unnecessary fines and financial strain. For the protection that you need and deserve in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, contact the professionals at American Advantage – IFS Inc. for your auto insurance policy!

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