Cracked Windshield? What to do.

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Windshield Claims

A cracked, broken, or chipped windshield can be more than annoying – it can also be very dangerous. A small crack in a window can easily expand as you drive over small bumps in the road, which can eventually lead to a shattered window. Knowing what to do if your window is broken, and if you can make a claim to your auto insurance company can help to make sure that you have the protection that you deserve.

If your windshield is broken by an incident other than an accident, such as by a falling tree or vandalism, the damage will be covered by the comprehensive portion of your auto insurance policy. If you skipped out on comprehensive coverage, you will most likely be left paying for the damages out of your own pocket. Even if your comprehensive coverage portion states that it includes “auto glass repair,” make sure to talk with your agent to find out if it is an all-inclusive coverage. Some auto glass replacement will only cover back and side windows, not the front windshield.

Before you make a claim, make sure to consider the cost of your deductible. Just like any other time that you make a claim to your car insurance company, make sure that the damage is worth more than the cost of your deductible. If you will be paying more for your deductible than you will just to get the damaged fixed, your auto insurance company will not provide any protection. You should only make a claim if the cost to replace your window is going to be significantly more than the cost of your deductible.

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